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Points to Keep in Mind While You Hire Dedicated .Net Developers

In today’s fast evolving world, every business has realized that advanced technology has a serious impact on an individual’s ways of living. The Internet has completely taken over the world, and it is a complete source of knowledge for everyone today. A few clicks on your laptop or a few taps on your smartphone, tablet, or any other device is all that is needed. As the Internet connects millions of people, businesses are always looking for techniques to “steer” the wheel of marketing for their benefits. This is done by creating such......

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New Features Of Visual Studio 2019

The Visual Studio 2019 is available for the general public after testing the beta version for a month. Yes, the stable version of Microsoft is ready for an integrated development environment after the stable release. Visual Studio 2019 is come up with multiple new features that help the user to improve productivity. So have a look at new features in visual studio 2019. Visual Studio 2019 what’s new? New features of visual studio 2019 show three major changes which are Develop, collaborate and Debug. Develop: Stay focused and productive with improved performance,......

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Asp.Net 3.0 Features

The latest version of .NET Core platform is 3.0 .NET And with this version, most of the user wants to know that what’s new in .net core 3.0 and here will discuss the same topic. So let’s start. New Asp.Net 3.0 Features C# 8: The .NET Core 3.0 supports C# 8, and the new features in C# 8.0 include Nullable reference types, Async streams, Ranges and indices, and Switch expressions. Ranges and indices: For indexing, the new index type can be used. Even user can create one from an int that counts......

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