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Mindtech Consultancy is one of the most innovative service providers in the market striving to provide solutions that get 100 percent results. Our vast experience in the consultancy business combined with the unique approach of our people makes us your best bet to deliver exactly what you need.

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At Mindtech Consultancy, we have carefully a team of vastly experienced and certified SAP consultants who have been there and done it all over the years. With their finger always on the pulse of the consultancy market, they know exactly what clients need and what needs to be done to help them get what they need.

We cater to all types of organizations operating in the public and private sector. Our range of services includes SAP consulting and development, SAP HANA platform support, SAP HANA migration, SAP support, and upgrade SAP ABAP development, and SAP implementation among others.

All in all, team Mindtech Consultancy provides 360 degree SAP consultancy solutions that few other players in the market can match both in quality and efficiency. Our dedicated SAP developers utilize their in-depth knowledge to undertake a result-oriented approach based on innovative solutions and immaculate delivery.

Our Services

We offer a broad range of SAP implementation, support, and maintenance services. Following is a snapshot of
what we do to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.

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SAP Support Services

The ever-rising cost of SAP support services everywhere has prompted companies to look for ways and means to find innovative long-term solutions that will ultimately be easy on their budgets. Mindtech Consultancy will provide you with the most cost-effective and personalized SAP maintenance and support services which will help you save a significant amount of money every year.

Many of our clients have saved as much as 50% of their SAP consultancy budgets due to our unique services, innovative solutions, and proactive approach. At Mindtech Consultancy, we consider the client’s goals and objectives as our own. Our team works really hard to understand exactly what each client is looking for and what challenges need to be overcome in order to get to where the client wants to be.

SAP Migration Services

The Mindtech Consultancy team is well-versed and highly experienced at dealing with the different aspects of SAP migration. Whether you want to shift your existing operating system to a new set of hardware, create SAP system backup, upgrade to cloud, or need any other kind of migration assistance, SAP services by Mindtech Consultancy Services will take care of it.

Our team of highly competent SAP consultants/engineers have the experience, knowledge, and wherewithal to make the migration process a seamless one. We do it properly in a step-by-step manner so that the client gets the best value for their bucks. The idea is to be thorough and efficient with the entire process so that the possibility of any flaws occurring during execution is eliminated almost completely.

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sap hana platform support services

SAP HANA Platform Support Services

Only when you have the right SAP team in place can the full benefits of an SAP ERP system can be obtained. At Mindtech Consultancy Services, we recognize and understand that better than most in the field. This is why we have put together a highly experienced team that knows the ins and outs of SAP HANA systems.

Given the ever-increasing demand for mobile technology and portable electronic gadgets, having the right system support and maintenance setup is key and Mindtech Consultancy will help you take care of everything perfectly.

SAP HANA Migration Services

A robust ERP system is desired and needed by almost every organization. Irrespective of where in the world a business is based, we will create a system that will take care of all your complex transactions and work processes.

Our SAP HANA migration services will help you maintain predictability, reliability, and scalability.

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sap hana upgrade strategy

SAP HANA Upgrade Services

SAP implementations are not just about software and hardware only. Mindtech provides advice and support throughout your lifecycle for implementation. We will bring your HANA systems up-to-date with latest service packs released by SAP. Versio upgrade of Sap can help in unlocking new features and functions like Dynamic Tiering, Multi Tenant database container features.

We provide a comprehensive plan for executing SAP upgrades with minimal time and without any risk to your data.

Industries We Serve

Mindtech Consultancy helps stimulate innovation and gratify industry-specific practices to help run your business efficiently. We assess your objectives and together we build SAP Solution Plans that ensure your platforms have all the tools, features, and functionalities necessitated to accelerate growth and maximize ROI.

Automotive Industry
Real Estate
Travel & Tourism
Retail & Commerce
Banking & Finance
Transportation, Manufacturing & Software Vendors

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