Reasons to use React Native

React Native is a smart app development framework for devices that run on Android or iOS. It’s a very effective cross-platform framework for modern developers. It yields a perfect solution for most online businesses. You may use it for saving both human and financial resources. Most online businesses can adapt to the hybrid app development environment. They have to opt for such progressive technology. The React Native framework is in use with some global apps nowadays. This article provides you an insight into the reasons behind its popularity. While checking them out,......

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advantages of mvc

A vast majority of the software developers have often experienced complexities pertaining to their preferred development frameworks. MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a framework that yields substantial flexibility in identifying and addressing these challenges. The ASP.NET MVC platform has always been preferred by developers as it’s simple to use and yet very effective in delivering the appropriate solutions. MVC gets segregated into 3 distinct areas – UI logic, business logic, and input logic. This is quite beneficial as compared to web-forms that present a complex combination of UI and business logic within a single page.......

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